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Saint-Sulpice la pointe, Tarn
Permanent exhibition

The exhibition takes place in the Vinovalie bottling factory, alternating between an exhibition room and a factory path. The challenge is to propose different ways of visiting in order to maintain the visitor’s attention sequence by sequence, combining interactive participation and contemplation.

The first room presents the three native tangs of Vinovalie (Gaillac, Fronton, Cahors), each with its own geological and pedological specificities. The testimonies of professionals (oenologist and geologist) shed light on the research being carried out in viticulture and viniculture, as well as on the production of wines.

After an appreciation of the brands, the visitor discovers the bottling factory in operation from the footbridge. The guardrail is equipped with integrated touch screens and graphics, showing the stages of bottling. In the last room, the wine cellar is tilted at 13 degrees, a note of humour referring to the wine.

The aim here is to refocus the visitors on their own sensations, to offer intimate sensory experiences and to put them in a position to appreciate the tasting. They discover food and wine pairings and are introduced to oenology.

Various testimonies from those involved in the vine and wine industry punctuate the tour, as well as interactive activities.


January 2023

Project management

Explosition, Scenographer invited by Abaque


Explosition: Design of the scenography, Follow-up of and construction site supervision.

Projet sponsor



Culturetech (Lighting design)

Project location

Saint-Sulpice la pointe, Tarn


600 m2