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A costume adventure

Children’s museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi
Temporary exhibition

The special feature of the Children’s Museum is that it does not exhibit facsimiles but real works of art.

The theme of the exhibition “A Costume Adventure” is the representation of costume by artists in different periods and cultures.

“Embark on a fabulous adventure where the works will reveal the secrets of their costumes!” Not everyone dresses the same and it’s not just about fashion! An outfit, a costume or accessories always tell us something about the person wearing them. The artists know this well and they have dressed the characters and models in their works with great care. The mediation of the exhibition is “gamified” thanks to the resolution of a series of missions focused on the discovery of the works. The games are designed to force the children’s gaze by encouraging them to go back and forth between the screens and the works. The young visitors observe the original works to solve the riddles and collect accessories to create their own styles. They go to meet the characters that will share their best costumes. Once they have completed their mission, they can climb a wire structure to discover other costumes or take a well-deserved rest in a new reading area.


July 2019

Project management



Contractor, Design of the scenography & follow-up of the works

Projet sponsor

Louvre Ab Dhabi – Children Museum


RéalisationsEurope : Lighting Design
Paula Mutel: Graphic Design
Mosquito: audio-visual and multimedia design and production

Project location

Children’s museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi


500 m2