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Fort de Chillon

Veytaux, Switzerland
Permanent exhibition

At the beginning of the last world war, Switzerland, following a decision by General Guisan, decided to equip itself with a very large number of military forts in order to dissuade Germany from invading.

Recently, the Swiss army considered that this type of defense was no longer adapted to the tensions of today’s world and began to privatize this type of equipment.

The Fort of Chillon has been transformed into an experimental environment immersing the visitor in the mysterious intricacies of the national retreat.

Virtual reality generated by a state-of-the-art technique accompanies the visitors in a scenography as exceptional as it is impressive. The path offers a striking presentation of the military world in a new, memorable and exciting way, and allows visitors to discover the secrets of life in a bunker and the adventure of the citizen soldier.


January 2020

Project management



Contractor, Design of the scenography & follow-up of the works

Projet sponsor

Fort de Chillon


Alphabeth: Scenography Consultant
RéalisationsEurope : Lighting Design
Paula Mutel : Graphic Design
Animaviva: audio-visual and multimedia design and production
Sonic Music: Sound design
Inytium: supply and installation of audio-visual and lighting equipment
Matières à Penser: Interior design company

Project location

Veytaux, Switzerland


1200 m2