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Mobiles / Immobiles

Archives Nationales de Paris et Archives nationales de Pierrefitte
Temporary exhibition

The FORUM VIES MOBILES is a research institute, supported by the SNCF, which examines mobility and the transition to more desirable and sustainable lifestyles.

The exhibition proposes an original approach combining art, human and social sciences and documents from the National Archives. The aim is to make the general public aware of the importance of mobility in contemporary societies and to open up debates on the place we would like to give it.

The exhibition first looks at the changes in mobility since the beginning of the 20th century, marked by the establishment of a transport system dominated by car and petrol, driven by an imaginary sense of freedom, speed and modernity, but which today questions about ecological issues.

The second part of the exhibition points out that this mobility is in reality less free than it seems, between flows supervision and inequalities concerning access to mobility.

The third part shows how central mobility is to contemporary lifestyle, even becoming an injunction in the professional world. In the final part, these observations lead to a reflection on the place of mobility in tomorrow’s society, starting from the aspirations of citizens and utopias in order to grasp the diversity of possible futures.


January 2019

Project management



Contractor, Design of the scenography & follow-up of the works

Projet sponsor

Forum Vies Mobile


RéalisationsEurope : Lighting Design
Paula Mutel : Graphic Design
Animaviva: audio-visual and multimedia design and production

Project location

Archives Nationales de Paris et Archives nationales de Pierrefitte


900 m2